How we can work together.

As a Life Coach, I need to understand my clients so that I get to know what makes them who they are. Once I have this insight, I can use my skills and coaching tools to help them. I will intuitively use my abilities to assist those who need me. Kindness is fundamental to harmonious living. Compassion is something that can only be felt from within. I use empathy for peopleā€™s suffering to improve their lives. That is a part of my life purpose.

My dream is to make other people brave enough to experience such a journey to their inner self.

If you want me to become your guide as a life coach so that I can lead your process of development. Contact me by email at if you have some questions.

Take your time before you decide if you want me to become your guide as a life coach so that I can lead your process of development.Ā Take your time to decide which type of my service you would like to choose.

You must read, sign and return a coaching agreement prior to your session, which I am going to provide with your booking confirmation or a separate email.Ā You can download a pdf with the client contract from my website.

Coaching with me is about you and your challenges.Ā 

My goal is to promote coaching and explain what it is and how it can help. I am helping you by means of the coaching tools. I am also a tool. You are the one who has to work on yourself. You answer the questions. You are looking for answers that are compatible with you. You find the best solutions to the problems you are struggling with. You find non-serving beliefs and replace them with beliefs that will support you. My job as a coach is to provide a safe space for you. Listening to yourself attentively and proposing the best and most effective coaching tools. These are coaching models that contain many questions that allow you to look at a given challenge differently than you could do on your own.

Mentoring with me is a Transformational journey to your inner self.

A special design for you. Mentoring program for you could be completely different than mentoring for my other clients as you are unique and I have to focus on your needs. This will be all that I do with coaching clients; yet, I can do much more than that.

Check out the online course ā€œThe Transformational Journey.

Client Contract

This coaching agreement between us will set out the ground rules for our coaching relationship and clarify expectations. In undertaking to meet with you, I am committing myself to meet you on the dates and time(s) we have agreed upon. I will endeavour to create a safe and confidential learning environment so that you develop your self-awareness and take responsibility for managing your learning.

In undertaking to see me for coaching, you are committing yourself to seeing me regularly at the agreed times. For our coaching relationship to work well it will beĀ important for you to come to your coaching sessions prepared to explore andĀ analyse the aspects of your life that you want to change. While coaching we will look at those things that interfere with your progress and stop you from reaching your fullĀ potential. In particular, we will explore those attitudes, behaviours, values and beliefs that hold you back and stop you from doing the things you want to do.

To get the most out of your coaching sessions you have to be:

  • Serious about wanting to change
  • Ready to manage the negative thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviours and actions that hold you back
  • Be prepared to try out new ideas or ways of doing things, reflecting and learning from the experience
  • Be prepared to listen to feedback and act on it appropriately
  • Be prepared to spend time in between sessions working on some aspects that need improvement


The coaching service is confidential unless you give me information that you want me to discuss with other people. As a practising coach, I am required to meet with a Coaching Supervisor on aĀ regular basis to talk about my coaching practice. My Supervisor is there to ensureĀ my coaching practice is congruent with the code of professional practice set out inĀ the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC & ICF) code of ethics. Whilst I might describe what I do in coaching, that is, my interventions/ or my approach, I will not disclose your name or the content of our discussions.


If either of us wishes to change the time of a session, we agree to give one anotherĀ at least 48 hrs notice in advance, if possible. If either of us does not arrive on time at the beginning of the session, not having already cancelled the session, we willĀ assume the other party isn’t coming.

If you miss the session without notifying me, you will still be charged the full rate for the session.

If I miss the session without notifying you, I will either reimburse you or offer you an alternative coaching session within 5 working days.

Duration and termination

Once we have agreed on the number of coaching sessions you want, I will commit to seeing you at least once a month or more frequently if you wish, for up to two hours at a time. Please give me 5 working days written notice if you want to terminate the contract at any time. I would be grateful if you would complete a short questionnaire at the end of theĀ coaching sessions to help me learn from the experience of coaching you.


During the coaching session I will keep meeting notes to record your agenda, notes of the meeting and any action points you have set to work on over the next month.Ā I will keep these notes in a confidential file throughout the contract and then store them for 12 months after our contract is terminated. After 12 months the notes will be shredded or sent to you on request.

Policy documents

European Mentoring, Coaching Council (EMCC) and International CoachĀ Federation (ICF) code of ethics. As a member of the EMCC\ICF I practiceĀ according to this professional Code of Ethics. A copy of the EMCC\ICF code ofĀ ethics can be made available if requested. I have read the above and understoodĀ this agreement.


My name is Margaret, I am a Transformational Life Coach šŸ¦‹/ Transpersonal Coach /Self-Leadership Coach šŸ”‘/ Motivational Speaker and WriteršŸŒ/Reiki Energy HealeršŸ’š. I believe that my thoughts create my reality. My life story is the proof of this. I would not like to be anyone else but myself. Just as I am.

ā€žI give you a rod, but you are the one fishing.ā€