My name is Margaret, I am a Transformational Life Coach 🦋/ Transpersonal Coach /Self-Leadership Coach 🔑/ Motivational Speaker and Writer🌍/Reiki Energy Healer💚. I believe that my thoughts create my reality. My life story is the proof of this. I would not like to be anyone else but myself. Just as I am. „I give you a rod, but you are the one fishing.”

How Reiki Energy found me.

This story shows an element of my journey to my inner self. About changes that had to happen in me. So that I was finally able to get to know the Reiki energy. That I  was ready to meet my…

The journey to my inner self

This story shows that each event took part in a perfect moment. When I was ready for entering the next stage of my life, some new people appeared and some situations happened, which led me to the place in which…