My goal is to promote coaching and explain what it is and how it can improve your life. I am guiding you using the coaching tools. You are the one who has to work on yourself. You answer the questions.

You are looking for answers that are compatible with yourself. You find the best solutions to the problems you are struggling with. You find non-serving beliefs and replace them with beliefs that will support you. You are the hero in your own story.

  My job as a coach is to provide a safe space for you. Listening to you attentively and guiding you by proposing the best and most effective coaching tools. These are coaching models that contain many questions that allow you to look at a given challenge differently than you could do yourself. 

MKJ Inner Coaching offers a range of services, including one-on-one coaching, self- leadership development programs. My coaching approach is based on the principles of positive psychology with a focus on helping clients develop self-awareness, overcome limiting beliefs, and build resilience.

about me

Margaret K-Jerczynska.

My name is Margaret, I am a certified professional transformational life coach who specializes in coaching individuals in self-leadership development, emotional intelligence, and personal growth.

I am the founder of MKJ Inner Coaching, a coaching and consulting practice based in Ireland.

I am also a Reiki energy healer and a holistic therapist. Using a variety of coaching models to help my clients achieve their goals and improve their overall well-being. I focus on helping clients tap into their inner wisdom and resources to find solutions to their challenges and achieve their goals. 

I believe that my thoughts create my reality. My life story is proof of this. I would not like to be anyone else but myself. Just as I am. This is my motto.

As a coach, I am responsible for the process of extracting your talents and passions from you and discovering your life mission. I stimulate you to think, combine and plan. Turning a dream into a goal by following a step-by-step plan. It doesn’t matter what you do because you may do something completely different. You will discover something you did not know or were afraid to dream about. I am your support…


figure out what you want in life and how to achieve it based on your energy. 

Feminine Energy

Instead of focusing on strengthening individual energies, it is good to look for opportunities for their cooperation that will help us discover the source of a powerful inner strength.

Masculine Energy

Feminine and masculine energies work in each of us, so our goal is to strive to balance them. Both of these energy aspects cannot work harmoniously without each other.

got questions?

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me or reach out to me on my social media. I’ll do my best to help you.


    Discover what is blocking you from making your dreams come true.