How I Began My Journey To My Inner Self with Reiki.

Today I am taking you on another journey to my inner self with Reiki energy, meanwhile describing my story.

In this article, I will walk you through the magical process, I went through during the first level of Reiki energy healing training. I will explain what it is and the history behind it. I will do this based on the information I got from my Master’s and what I found myself. I will also tell you about my personal experiences.

My journey began with the script I got the day before the training. It came in an email with organizational information. It was like a star from the sky to me. I printed it out right away and looked over it. Thanks to this script, I learned how I  could be able to use this method in everyday life. This knowledge also confirmed that to help others, I need to heal myself first.

It was a fantastic beginning of the healing journey but also another journey to my inner self. My Master considers Reiki to be the best healing method in the world. It is one of the deepest spiritualistic methods of healing, therefore it leads the way straight to the heart where love dwells. And love is the essence of life.

The training lasted two days. During the first day of training, I learned from my Master that Reiki is a very old healing method. Its history dates back over 2,500 years. It heals every aspect of life, it can be a lifestyle.

I learned that Reiki is a Japanese spiritual system used for self-healing and healing other people and our spiritual development. For this to work, two processes need to happen. The first is receiving Reiki initiations, which open an energy channel connecting with spiritual energy. The second process involves using methods that involve the hands, eyes and intention to direct Reiki energy to begin the process of someone’s spiritual self-healing.

I learned what the word Reiki means. It consists of two Japanese kanji characters (kanji is an ancient Japanese writing system). The first character, rei, means “spiritual or soul.” The second character, ki, means “energy”, which is composed of the vital forces of the Earth and the universe. Therefore, the Japanese meaning of the word “Reiki” is “spiritual energy”. However, in the West, the word “Reiki” is generally understood to mean “universal life force energy” due to Hawayo Takata who contributed to the spread of Reiki in the West. She was the one who believed that Reiki is a universal life force energy. You can read more about her later in the article.

The Reiki healing method was rediscovered by Mikao Gyoho Usui. One of the legends says that Usui, when asked by one of his students how Jesus healed others, Usui could not answer this question and decided to find an answer. After many years of studying scriptures, books, and those hidden in Buddhist monasteries. Usui rediscovered healing methods, but he gained knowledge of Reiki in March 1922 when he fasted and meditated for 21 days on the holy mountain of Kurama. Usui was enlightened there, attuned with Reiki energy, and saw the symbols.

Descending from the holy mountain, Kurama Usui scared himself and then instinctively put his hands on the wound, which began to heal very quickly. After this event, he began to heal his family and the homeless for free. As a result, everyone recovered and changed their lives for the better. After some time, Usui noticed that some homeless people he helped came back to him again to be healed again.

However, they did not want to change their lives or go to work, start families and take responsibility for their lives. They preferred to live on the street because it was easier, even though they often got sick because of it.

Then Usui introduced the 5 precepts of Reiki, and all the people he healed were obliged to follow these precepts. He also started charging a fee. These changes were aimed at making every person he healed start working on responsibility for their lives. For Usui, not only healing was important, but also personal and spiritual development.

“We can use Reiki methods to discover spiritual energy to enable each person to discover their true self, regardless of culture, skin color, creed or religion. This is known as self-realization and it is the first moment of discovery when someone understands who they really are. This self-realization or enlightenment gradually rises in a person and the light is reflected by that person’s heart to be shared with the world. It’s not just about peace, it’s about cutting the cord of ignorance so that spiritual truth and love can be felt in pure, formless essence.”

5 Precepts

“The Secret Method for inviting happiness through many blessings, the spiritual medicine for many illnesses.

Just today:

Anger not

 Worry not

Show gratitude

Work hard

Be kind to others

Mornings and evenings, sit in gassho. To do this, you kneel and sit on your heels, and then you put your hands together as though you were praying.

 Repeat aloud, and recite in your heart.

For improvement of mind and body, Usui Reiki Ryoho”

– Mikao Usui, The Founder.

In 1923, Tokyo was hit by an earthquake Usui and his students helped heal the injured using Reiki. Usui then began to heal not only with his hands but also with his legs, eyesight, and breath, healing more than one person at a time. There were a lot of people willing to use his therapy and knowledge, so Usui founded a new clinic in Nakano in 1924, which could accommodate a lot of people. This clinic has become very popular.

Usui died on March 9th, 1926, at the age of 62. His ashes were placed in a temple in Tokyo, and his disciples erected a memorial stone in the Saihoji Temple. According to the inscription on this stone, Usui taught Reiki to about 2,000 people.

In 1925, one of his students, Chuijiro Hayashi, worked in a Reiki clinic along with Mikao Usui and other students. And after Usui’s death, he took over the management of the clinic. He formalized the Reiki system and divided the science into 3 levels. It was he who initiated Hawayo Takata as a teacher and this made her the first woman who could teach Reiki.

Hawayo Takata was seriously ill and threatened with surgery. At the insistence of her parents, she went to Usui’s clinic and after a few months, all her ailments subsided. Being very impressed with this method, she decided to learn it. She lived permanently in Hawaii, so after recovering and learning 2 levels, she returned to her country and spread Reiki there. She also opened her own clinic in the USA and thanks to her from there it reached Europe. People who completed the course with her received certificates with the sign: Usui Shiki Ryoho, which literally means: Usui’s Natural Healing System and is now called the western line.

During the training, my Master explained the differences between the eastern line,   AKA the traditional line and the western line AKA the modern line. The eastern line focuses attention on meditation and working with the breath, it is important to work on yourself, on your own internal development, on working with your weaknesses, etc. In the traditional eastern line, the student had to practice for many years with Dr. Usui not only healing others but also working on themselves. In the East Line, you can use kotodamas when activating symbols.

The western line called modern has moved away from focusing attention on meditation and self-improvement. The Western line is focused on correct hand placement.

I have the impression that this is the eastern line and that meditation practices are a real journey to my inner self. Reiki is not only healing as Usui used to say, therefore personal and spiritual development is important for him and for me.

During the training, I learned what the aura is, and that it consists of 7 energy bodies that we have in addition to the physical body. I couldn’t believe that there is a camera that can photograph our aura, it was amazing. I felt like I was in a magical world and all this is confirmed by science, it’s not magic. Everything that surrounds us is energy, and so are we. I discovered the properties of the chakras we have. There are 7 main chakras but there are more.

I learned that the Japanese energy system is based on 3 diamonds. I had not heard of this system before. An interesting fact was that some people don’t have 7 chakras but 3 diamonds. I learned what Reiki energy healing is.

Reiki heals on 4 levels

At the physical level, it heals the body, physical pain and disease.

On the mental level, it heals the feelings that we experience.

On an emotional level, it heals our thoughts and behaviour.

On a spiritual level, it heals our connection to our “higher self”

On the first day, there were two initiations aimed at fine-tuning the connection with the Reiki energy. My Master explained to us that initiation awakens and opens us to the flow of energy. We learned how to heal plants and animals. Then we learned to heal ourselves using a special sequence of hand positions. We learned Gassho meditation.

During the second day of the training, two more initiations took place. We cleaned the rooms we were in. Finally, we learned to heal others by practising with a friend who agreed to help us. Everything took place under the watchful eye of our Master. We were learning what hand sequences we should use when healing others.

Our intention and the intention of the person being healed are always the most important. It is the intention that makes Reiki energy flow where we want it to heal. We received many valuable tips on how to take care of ourselves and our clients in stationary and online sessions.

A very important piece of information for me was why a healing crisis may occur after a Reiki session. I learned that sometimes the body reacts to healing effects in this way. It manifests itself through the intensification of a given problem or even by revealing previously hidden problems (physical or emotional) with which the client came. This is a signal that the body is starting to heal, AKA its self-healing systems have been activated. Crisis can be physical healing or emotional healing.

After Reiki treatments, we can also observe increased sweating and slightly worse sleep. Sleep can be restless, which is related to the intensive removal of toxins from the body. As with increased sweating, the body tries to remove toxins from the body through urine.

All symptoms after a session usually disappear within 24 hours, which does not mean that the disease or problem has completely healed. It only means that the strongest toxins or emotions have been moved and the healing process has begun. We often need a series of sessions for more serious illnesses, problems or traumas.

After the session, it is recommended to drink a lot of water, which helps a lot in cleansing the body of energy and strengthening the new one.

The recovery crisis is a natural stimulation of the body to action.

The next stage of healing that can occur as a result of regular Reiki treatments is the so-called “emotional cleansing”. Many diseases have their source in our emotions and how we were treated as children, traumas, beliefs, hard experiences, aggression, fears or low self-esteem.

Reiki also heals all those emotions that are often responsible for the emergence of diseases. There may be more intense dreams, we can start to remember, in dreams, there may be solutions to a problem or hints on what to do now in life regarding a given problem.

There may be bad days, we may feel sad, irritable or aggressive. If so, it means that our problem was in emotions and they are now removed from our consciousness or unconscious.

When there is an influx of negative memories, it means that once again we should allow ourselves to analyze and relive them. Then you can cry or scream a lot. It is worth saving these memories and working with them.

We can become aware of our fears or unfavourable beliefs. Fears often hold us back from happiness and growth, as do beliefs. Overcoming fears or changing beliefs will help us change our lives and this will affect the healing of the disease.

During the last initiation in my vision, I saw all four of us holding hands in a circle. I felt like we were connected from that moment on. It was an unforgettable experience.

During previous initiations, I also had visions, I don’t remember all of them, it was a year ago and I didn’t write them down, I trust that I remembered what I was supposed to remember.

I remember seeing eyes looking at me like there were thousands of them and they were all looking at me. I would compare them to the eyes of my ancestors. As if everyone was accompanying me and supporting me in the next journey to my inner self.

I also saw a red glow of light and a ballroom with a black and white checkerboard floor. There was me and someone else we both had costume masks on our faces I didn’t recognize this person. But I felt like I had known this person forever. We danced an ancient style of dance in silence, as if from a distant ancient era. I associated this place with Paris. I know something within Paris is calling me and I know that I will go there someday. As far as I know, I have family from my mother’s side somewhere in France.

During the next vision, I also saw the same eagle that had appeared earlier in my dream which I did not understand. Now I felt that the eagle wanted to tell me something that was important in my journey. I don’t remember the order of these visions, but I know that each of them had a meaning, each wanted to remind me of something.

At the end of the training, I felt gratitude and joy in my heart. I knew that my intention was always to heal others, especially my family and friends. I just didn’t know how to do it. Now I knew, and that made me feel at peace. After that, however, I was able to start healing my family. The highlight was the 21 days of the self-healing process. Drinking plenty of water was key. So that Reiki energy can move freely and cleanse my body. I healed myself with Reiki energy every day.

After the self-healing process was completed, I was able to heal my family. After gaining experience in this way, I was able to expand the group of people and I now heal other people online.

After collecting and analysing all this information, I understood what had been happening to me for the last two years. I was in a deep healing process. In my case, it wasn’t Reiki that started the process, but it has been part of my self-healing for a year. And it will stay with me because once you enter the path of spiritual development with Reiki Energy, the connection is always there, even if I did not use this energy, it will always be with me.

After a few months, I was supposed to start another Reiki level 2 training. But a lot had to happen for that to happen. Now looking at it from a different perspective, I understand why I had to be patient and wait longer. But more on that in the next article in a series of articles about my journey to my inner self with Reiki energy.

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Jeżeli chcesz abym była twoim przewodnikiem jako twój life coach. Abym poprowadziła twój proces rozwoju osobistego i duchowego.



When writing this article, I was inspired by the information my Master gave me in the script. As well as the knowledge I found in a book called “reiki” by Philip Jones.

Coaching is a partnership. I am here to support you achieve your goals.

“ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Coaching is a partnership. I am here to support you achieve your goals.

“ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and profe


My name is Margaret, I am a Transformational Life Coach 🦋/ Transpersonal Coach /Self-Leadership Coach 🔑/ Motivational Speaker and Writer🌍/Reiki Energy Healer💚. I believe that my thoughts create my reality. My life story is the proof of this. I would not like to be anyone else but myself. Just as I am.

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